"Lord, You establish peace. All that we have accomplished, You have done for us." - Isaiah 26:12

Helping in HaitiTwenty-six:Twelve was created to provide service opportunities for Accolade staff. A private, 501(c) (3) nonprofit foundation, Twenty-six:Twelve is supported by the voluntary financial contributions of the employees. Because Accolade believes so strongly in encouraging and enabling its staff’s interest in public service, the Twenty-six:Twelve foundation also provides the funds needed for such community involvement, including supplementing the cost of the mission trips for employees.

Around the World

The Twenty-six:Twelve foundation partners with like-minded organizations in order to serve those in need around the world. Celebrating the diversity of the Accolade family, Twenty-six:Twelve strives to offer opportunities that draw upon the passions and talents of our staff. Past missions have taken employees both overseas and around the US to provide a wide range of services including caring for orphans, providing clinical skills at medical clinics, construction, and manual labor, to name a few.

Across the Street

Helping in New OrleansWhile we know that serving around the world is important and exciting, our local communities need help too. A goal of Twenty-six:Twelve is to touch every community in which we work and live. Serving locally is a rich and rewarding experience, so the foundation helps Accolade employees get deeply involved with neighboring areas of need. They provide the precious gift of their time while Twenty-six:Twelve provides all necessary research, resources, or funding that might assist them in doing so.

A Greater Purpose

The Twenty-six:Twelve organization is in existence because the employees of the Accolade family have big hearts and an even bigger desire to share their blessings with others. To make it easy for them to serve as they go about their busy personal and professional lives, Twenty-six:Twelve provides the research, planning, funds and time off needed for outreach. Our organization is a Christian ministry; however, we welcome involvement from all employees regardless of their faith. We know that everyone benefits from serving others.


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