Hospice Services

Hospice services involve a multi-disciplinary team comprised of nurses, physicians, social workers, chaplains, supplemented by therapists, hospice aides and volunteers. This team has received special training in the care of the terminally ill and reducing the severity of pain (Palliative Care), offering both the patient and his/her family physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support during the illness and after the patient’s death. Qualifications for hospice care include a diagnosis of terminal illness for which all curative treatment has been stopped and physician certification that the patient has life expectancy of six months or less.  Hospice services can include provision of DME such as a hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen and other equipment, as well as medications directly related to the terminal illness and for pain management.

We offer the following hospice-specific services.

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  • A Team Approach to Managing Care

    Accolade Hospice focuses on caring not curing. Hospice is the model for compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness. It involves a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes. The interdisciplinary team consisting of a physician, nurse, social worker, and spiritual counselor develops a comprehensive plan of care that meets each patient’s individual needs for pain management and symptom control as well as psychosocial and spiritual needs. Other members of the team might include hospice aides to assist with personal care, volunteers for social support, and individualized bereavement or dietary counseling. This team of specialized professionals manages all the needs of the patient that are related to the comfort and management of the illness including durable medical equipment, medical supplies, and medications.

  • Pain Management

    When facing a life-limiting illness, the management of pain, both physical and emotional, is the centerpiece of hospice services. Accolade Hospice allows you to be in control of how you want your pain managed. Using standing orders or medications ordered by the physician directly, the pain management experts at Accolade Hospice will do everything possible to keep your loved one as comfortable as possible so that the last days of life may be lived fully, with dignity and comfort.

  • Symptom Management

    With most life-limiting illnesses, symptoms may arise which can cause fear or confusion for patients and families. Your nurse case manger will keep you informed of what symptoms are beginning to make themselves known and what measures can be taken to control them. Accolade Hospice will do everything possible to assure relief from distressing symptoms so that you or your loved one can live life as fully and comfortably as possible.

  • Advance Directives Planning (or End of Life Planning)

    Hospice is an idea or philosophy of care for the patient and family who are on the difficult journey of facing a life-limiting illness. The purpose is for them to find rest, to be cared for and to gather courage to face the remaining days of their journey together. Accolade Hospice has a team of professionals prepared to help with any advance care planning including understanding and initiating a variety of legal documents: Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will or DNR. Accolade’s goal is to ensure and promote quality of life while honoring wishes, beliefs and values.

  • Caregiver Training

    Hospice is about living and caring for one another. Quality hospice care can make the difference between overwhelming stress and uncontrollable symptoms and living peacefully and meaningfully up to the very end. Choosing to use hospice services affirms the meaning of life and provides the necessary support and training to deal with caring for your loved one.

  • Bereavement Counseling

    Accolade Hospice is here to help you understand grief. Grief begins even before the actual time of death in many cases; grieving for the loss of relationship, loss of interaction, loss of support, and not knowing the changes to come. Grief is more than sadness and it may feel overwhelming and consuming. It is, however, a healthy and natural part of life which is common to us all at one time or another. Accolade Hospice will be here to provide you with the individual support and counseling you need or to connect you with the most appropriate community resource so that you may receive the appropriate level of support. Bereavement services begin upon admission to hospice and will continue throughout the first year after the loss of your loved one. Hospice is there to help you before, during and after the time of death. With Accolade Hospice, you are not alone.

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